Choosing Log Design Services? 5 Professional Design Tips for 2016

You own a new business and looking forward to design a unique logo? It sounds awesome!! Believe me, its not a difficult job.

Well, I didn’t it’s so easy!! Let’s explore..


If you intend to create a logo, you need to know at the first point that a logo is not just some symbols, colors, and text coming together. It is your brand’s identity to the extent that more often than not, it is your logo which is recognized by people even before they start to recall your brand’s name. So, “how to make a brand’able logo?” becomes a key question. Here we will discuss some points logo makes should consider.

2016 Logo design tips

To have a better understanding and to make the story simple, let’s discuss about what few things you need to keep in mind while looking forward to designing a logo in 2016. Remember the competition is getting tighter this year, so be the best.

1) Make It simple

When working with a professional designer to create your logo, remember that a logo is not the testing ground of the designers skills to make complex illustrations and typography skills. This is a specialty which tests the insight and simple presentation skills of logo makers. Just check out the logo of ‘Nike’ and what you see there?

2) Make it appealing to all variety of audiences

Be it a simple design or writing on your logo, adaptability and flexibility need to be primarily considered and ensured for a successful output. Taking a rigid approach to logo making will lead you nowhere, so never let innovation die during this process. Keep all the faces which see you logo in mind and unleash the creativity.

3) Make you logo versatile

You should consider whether your logo looks great on the posters and billboards. At the same time, if it looks horrible on coffee mugs or printed on a key chain, don’t expect popularity. So, while creating images and text, make sure that it is seamlessly scalable and looks great at any sizes.

 4) Never copy, but get inspired and make it unique

You can go through hundreds of logos to get inspired, but never try to copy or just make some tweaks on any existing ones. The references you do is to gain some real insight about how people think. Ensure that each pixel of your logo is unique. Just consider Apple’s logo; its simple for even a layman, awesome in looks, chewable, physics-free, and absolutely healthy.

5) Ensure there is a story to tell

Every successful logo has a story to tell. A logo is far more than merely an artwork or pattern. If you hire a professional logo designer for your purpose, ensure that they know your story, and mission and vision of your brand. You should have a story to tell about the logo, which will instantly hit your audience’s soft spot.